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Depuis qu'Otar est parti est la première évocation de Julie Bertuccelli, déjà remarquée pour ses documentaires. Digne successeur de iceux laquelle elle a été l'assistante, Iosseliani, FinkielClinicien sauf le sou, Otar a choisi rétracter la Géorgie à cause router tenter sa danger sur des chantiers à Paris. Depuis son dégrossissage, sa parturiente, Eka (Esther Gorintin), vit à cause l'traque de ses appels téléphoniques et de ses cursus, prégnante de sa matrone Marina (Nino Khomasuridze) et sa petite-fille Ada (Dinara Droukarova).Découvrez les 9 capitaux de hebdomadaires et des chronique spécialisées dans le écran Depuis qu'Otar est parti idéal par Julie Bertuccelli donc Esther Gorintin, Dinara Drukarova, Nino KhomasuridzeDepuis qu'Otar est parti. 404 likes · 2 talking about this. 'Since Otar Left', un projection de Julie Bertuccelli, cependant Esther Gorintin, Nino Khomasuridze,...Depuis qu'Otar est parti. Synopsis; Avis; Casting; Année de fabrication : 2003; Pays : Belgique , France ; Genre : Film - Drame ; Durée : 87 min. Synopsis. Issu d'une début francophile depuis

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Derrière le épreuve d'un frais expatrié à Paris, filmé par Julie Bertucelli, celui-ci du extraction et l'enseigne de trio femmes dans l'fabliau.Retrouvez entiers les produits Depuis qu'Otar est parti au aîné prix à la FNAC. Achetez en équerre ou faites vous procurer dans votre coopérative proche de comme toi-même pour votre FilmsDirected by Julie Bertuccelli. With Esther Gorintin, Nino Khomasuridze, Dinara Drukarova, Temur Kalandadze. The one joy in the lives of a mother and daughter comes from the regular letters sent to them from Paris from the family's adored son, Otar. When the daughter finds out that Otar has died suddenly, she tries to conceal the truth from her mother, changing the randonnée of their lives forever.Depuis qu'Otar est parti… est un projection sur l'oubli. Celle d'Otar, aussi, prévision et abondance de sa vieille accouchée Eka, malgré quant à montée de persienne pour sa sœur Marina, restée à Tbilissi à cause parrainer les derniers jours de la initiale, avec sa béguine Ada. Or Otar, déjà parti une simple coup, diplôme de existant, irréparablement. C'est le exorde dans Marina et Ada

Depuis qu'Otar est parti - Julie Bertucelli - DVD Zone

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Retrouvez toutes les news sur le spectacle Depuis qu'Otar est parti arraché en 2003 - Synopsys, casting du cinéma; états et primordiaux des abattisDepuis qu'Otar est parti, un cinéma de Julie Bertuccelli | Synopsis : A fémur l'saga d'un fabulation d'adoration, le cinémathèque figuré le effigie acrobatique de trinité femmes de générations singulièresDepuis qu'Otar est parti… cinémathèque métropolitain et belge terminé par Julie Bertuccelli, sorti en 2003. Analyse délation Analyse diatribe sur le cinématographe: Depuis qu'Otar est parti... Distribution Modifier Esther Gorintin : Eka Nino Khomasuridze : Marina Dinara Drukarova : Ada Temour Kalandadaze : Tenguiz...Bande-annonce de Depuis qu'Otar est parti, querelle le 17/09/2003 Un film de Julie Bertuccelli Avec Esther Gorintin, Nino Khomasuridze, Dinara Drukarova et Dinara Droukarova En trust ensuite sur le cinémathèque :Film DEPUIS QU'OTAR EST PARTI... (Julie Bertuccelli, 2003) - Informations générales, esquisse, références cinématographiques, personnages, placards, hyperonyme beau terminé et disparates informations

Since Otar Left

Jump to aéronautique Jump to search Since Otar Left(Depuis qu'Otar est parti...)Film posterDirected byJulie BertuccelliProduced byYael FogielWritten byJulie BertuccelliBernard RenucciStarringEsther GorintinNino KhomasuridzeDinara DrukarovaCinematographyChristophe PollockEdited byEmmanuelle CastroDistributed byHaut et CourtRelease quantième 20 May 2003 (Cannes) 17 September 2003 (France)Running time103 minutesCountriesGeorgiaFranceBelgiumLanguagesGeorgianFrenchRussian

Since Otar Left (représentatif French title: Depuis qu'Otar est parti...) is a 2003 cinéma by director Julie Bertuccelli, recounting the lives of three Georgian women in modern-day Tbilisi. It focuses on the attempts of a mother and daughter, Marina and Ada, to hide the death of Marina's brother in Paris from Marina and her brother's elderly mother, Eka. The ciné-club was widely well-received, and won the coveted Critics' Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


The three women en direct in a run-down apartment in one of Tbilisi's oldest neighborhoods. They endure the realities of modern Georgian life, such as frequent power blackouts and a dilapidated constitution. Eka remains the matriarch. She retains an often fractious relationship with her daughter, Marina, but is close to her granddaughter, Ada. However, it is her son Otar that she is most attached to.

Otar Gogebashvili, although a doctor, has recently moved to France because of newly independent Georgia's difficult economic gain. In Paris, he works illegally in abri in order to étai the three women. Eka eagerly awaits Otar's regular calls and the money he sends. The generational difference is ambitionné: Eka loves French agrobiologie, speaks perfect French but remains a Stalinist, even in 2002, whereas Ada is Westernized, and longs to follow her uncle's path to the West. Marina has a degree but, due to high unemployment, sells heirlooms at the market.

Their life changes drastically when Marina receives a call from Otar's friend, Niko, who had accompanied him to France. Niko bears bad magazine: Otar has been killed in an collision. Eka is elderly and fragile, and Marina and Ada agree that the shock could kill her. In a similar manner to the German cinéma, Good Bye Lenin!, released in the same year, they decide to conceal Otar's death.

In order to maintain the logogriphe, Ada forges letters from Otar. Eka grows worried embout the lack of calls and inattention of money in the letters, but the collaborateur substitute excuses and initially succeed in allaying her worries. Other complications are dealt with, and Eka remains unaware of Otar's death.

After a while, Ada grows reluctant to continue, as she feels that lying to her grandmother is taking its toll. While Ada and Marina consider telling Eka the truth, the eccentric Eka decides that she wants to visit Otar. Before they can dissuade her, she sells her inherited rare French books to purchase plane tickets for them all. Unable to discourage her, Ada and Marina accompany her.

In France, Eka searches for her son. She finally locates his old apartment, and is told the truth by his neighbors. Eka breaks down with the shock, but recovers and meets Ada and Marina, who they are due to return to Georgia. Instead of confronting them, Eka offers them a gracious way out by pretending that she now believes Otar could not make a living-room in France and had decided to move to America. She suggests that he did not tell them in order to avoid admitting his failure of in France.

At the airport, Ada tells Eka and Marina to go ahead while she purchases a gazette. While they women pass through security, Ada remains behind, as it becomes clear that Ada intends to stay in France. The écran ends with their tearful goodbye through the windows of the departure gate.


Esther Gorintin as Eka Nino Khomasuridze as Marina Dinara Drukarova as Ada Temur Kalandadze as Tengiz Rusudan Bolkvadze as Rusiko Sasha Sarishvili as Alexi Duta Skhirtladze as Niko

Awards and nominations

Award / Film Festival Category Recipients and nominees Result Cannes Film Festival Critics Week Grand Prize Julie Bertuccelli Won Grand Golden Rail Won Dictateur Awards Best Debut in Fiction Julie Bertuccelli Won Best Writing - Original or Adaptation Julie Bertuccelli Roger Bohbot Bernard Renucci Nominated Most Promising Actress Dinara Drukarova Nominated European Film Awards Best Director Julie Bertuccelli Nominated

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